Jeep excursions, hiking, and camel treks are all part of this incredible package. If you have the time, why not experience the diversity Wadi Rum has to offer?





 Jeep Tour

Offering day trips, one night and two night trips across the beautiful Wadi Rum desert by Jeep. Come discover the hidden areas that this vast desert has to offer.





 Jeep and Camel Tour

This tour offers the best of both worlds. Explore of the vast desert by jeep and spend the night under the stars. Embark the next day on the adventure you will never forget…Crossing the beautiful desert on camels!





 Jeep and Hiking Tour

This option is perfect for those who want a close encounter with the beautiful rock formations.  Spend some time climbing one of Wadi Rum Protected Area’s most spectacular natural sites – Burdah Arch or experience the highest mountain in the Hashemite Kingdom – Jebel Umm Ad Dami.